Your Coach - Aaron McGarvey
Main Credentials
  • Bsc.H - Psychology

  • NASM - CPT

  • Precision Nutrition, Pn1

  • ZONA - Functional Anatomy Specialist, Level 1

  • Agatsu - Strength/Speed Specialist


My training career began at a large gym back in 2016. The drive to pursue this field began in university. I was tired of being stuck inside, stressed by tight deadlines, and knowing that the research I was doing only benefited a very small portion of a niche field within psychology.  At this point I knew I needed something different; I wanted to actually have a meaningful impact on someone's life and well-being. This is when I made the choice to go into the one area that's always been a huge part of my life; fitness.


With managing 12-15 clients  on a regular basis I learned quite a bit in how to get my clients the results they are looking for. Everyone is different and requires a different approach to be successful. I've helped my clients lose weight, build muscle, and become stronger than they ever have; not just physically, but mentally. Each of my clients receives a personal, functional approach to achieving their goals. 

Throughout the years I have achieved my own transformation. I used to run competitively and only weighed 120lbs (at 5'7" that isn't big at all). Being consistent with my training and nutrition, I am now consistently around 170lbs and feeling great.

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