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Customized Training Plans to Fit All of Your Needs!

Make the progress you have always wanted with online coaching. One of my coaching programs may be an option for you if: you are unsure how to program workouts, you're struggling to lose weight, unsure what to eat and how much, or having trouble staying accountable to your goals. If any of these sound like you then check out my coaching programs to see how you can start confidently working towards your goals today!

If 1-on-1 online coaching isn't for you, then consider one of my pre-made programs. Currently there is a 6-week strength program and an 8-week muscle gain program. A free fat loss program is available here. All of these programs were designed through years of testing with clients. If you follow one of the programs as it's laid out, I guarantee you will see some results!


AMFIT began as a project when I realized I was limited with my in-person personal training and couldn't help the number of people I wanted to. I was limited by time constraints during the day and the high cost to clients of training at a big box gym.

My goal is to provide affordable personal training to as many people I can while providing the quality personal service I provide to my in-person clients.


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