Functional Ab Training

Oblique and anti-rotation movements to increase your core strength/stability

Crunches have their place in a training program but should not be your go-to exercise. For oblique training, I typically see the weighted side bend as the preferred exercise. This movement does target the muscle but in terms of maintaining optimal spine health, this is not my favourite exercise. Try out these exercises and see how much you can challenge yourself! For the majority of these exercises aim for 2-3 sets of 12+ reps, or go for time and gradually increase each time.

The Pallof Press

Kettlebell March

This exercise will challenge your lateral stability and will help strengthen your QL and Obliques

Stability Ball Hip Extension/Abduction

Adding the sideways leg movement will make the exercise more challenging. Start with just raising/lowering your leg and progress from there


Make sure your hips stay flat and aren't moving up and down for this exercise

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