The Hardest Workout You Will Ever Do

This is one of the hardest workouts I have programmed. If your goal is fat loss or you're working on your conditioning then this workout will be a great addition. I would reccomend if you try this workout, make sure you don't have any plans the next day.

If you're up for a challenge and want to push your limits then give this workout a try!


A1) Bear Crawls - weighted if you are able to

A2) Farmers Walks - Aim for distance on this, I go end-end in my gym

A3) Heavy Sled Push

A4) Bent over Rows x 6 reps - keep the weight around 7-8/10 effort

A5) Box Jumps x 6

A6) Moderate - Hard Cardio for 1 minute - stay at a sustainable past for the whole time, don't let yourself slow down

- Rest for 3 minutes after the round

- Perform the circuit for 6 rounds if you can!

This workout won't just whip you into shape, it will help you learn how to pace your self and manage your rest time.

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