1-on-1 Training

1-on-1 customized training program from your coach. Training programs vary from 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. All of the coaching is done through a third party service called TrueCoach. This eliminates the need to email programs and with the integrated chat system there are no emails required on the client's end. This allows me to respond to your needs more efficiently. This program also functions as a WebApp on your phone so you can track all of your progress in one place.

Upon purchasing this program you will be emailed an assessment form and a link to be added to my client roster.

*I do not do training or nutrition plans for bodybuilding/physique shows, I would recommend hiring a coach that has experience competing.

1-on-1 Training + Nutrition Tracking

This consists of the same elements of the 1-on-1 training package but nutrient intake will be monitored here. This is best for someone trying to lose weight or those who need more nutritional guidance/coaching. You will get a general meal plan so you can learn how to structure your meals throughout the day. Food choices will be filled in but you have the option to change things around. I will also set and monitor your nutrient intake daily and make adjustments if needed. As a nutrition coach my goal is to teach you how to eat, not what to eat specifically. I have found the best results come from a strict diet structure while the client can choose the foods they enjoy eating. Ultimately, I want you to be successful on your own when you have completed your training. 

Pre-Made Programs

Pre-made, periodized programs with the option to select different exercises based off what may be available at your gym. The weight loss (coming soon) and hypertrophy programs come with macro calculators built in so you can maximize your results from the training plan. These programs are suited for those who would benefit from a well-planned training program but can't afford the cost of a 1-on-1 coaching service. 


*Programs are sent as an excel file when purchased

Monthly Training Subscription Plan

This is a month to month subscription to 1-on-1 training and 1-on-1 training with nutrition coaching. This is set at a discounted rate equivalent to the rate for purchasing three months of training at once. The subscription plan is available after a training plan has already been purchased. You just have to notify your coach and you will be added to a month-month subscription after you have completed your training program. This allows you to continue training for an extended period without going through the process of purchasing another package.

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